Jane Seymour returns to the UK after mum’s death

Jane Seymour has flown back to the UK to be with her family following the death of her mother.

The former Bond girl missed the latest results show of Dancing With The Stars in the US so she could return home after the death of her 92-year-old mother, Mieke Frankenberg, who passed away following complications from a stroke she suffered earlier this year.

“My mother survived incredible challenges – her health issues that she never complained about, three and half years in a Japanese concentration camp in World War II and the loss of her husband John who was the love of her life,” Jane said in a statement to People.com.

Jane, who decided to take on the dancing challenge for her mother, added: “However, she was always a beacon of love and hope for all she met and especially for my sisters Anne and Sally and for our entire family. Her spirit was indomitable and will continue to live forever in our hearts.”

Despite her non-presence on this week’s show, it is unlikely that the Wedding Crashers actress will be voted out of the competition – she’s one of the top three favourites to win.

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