Jason Donovan: Echo Beach is ‘very me’

Jason Donovan has revealed that he feels totally at home in his new role in the ITV drama Echo Beach.

Former Neighbours star Jason told the Daily Record: “It’s the beach, it’s me, it’s surfing, it’s blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s very me.

“I’m nearly 40. I look back with fond memories. There’s not a day when I can escape those references to Neighbours or Kylie but why would I want to? I’m proud of all that. Life’s short, f****** enjoy it. I think you should never start taking yourself too seriously.”

The Australian actor – who has a long-term partner and two children – also insisted he is on good terms with Kylie.

“It’s interesting, the whole Kylie argument,” he said. “I’ve seen various reports about Kylie being furious with me for various things and of some sort of rift between us. But she invited me on her TV show a few weeks ago.

Jason added: “I would argue that it’s not easy to be asked about an ex all the time. But she understands how things work and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t understand that people need to move on. That’s life – you either embrace it or you move on.”