Jason Manford chats about his new presenting role on The One Show

How are you and your new co-host, Alex Jones, settling into your new working environment?
“It feels like we’re at a new school in a way. But everyone is lovely here – and no one has put our heads down the toilet yet!”

Is there a natural chemistry between you and Alex?
“Alex and I got on straight away. Screen tests can be intimidating, but with her it seemed easy.”

How do you feel about landing one of the most coveted presenting jobs on TV?
“Someone’s got to do it, so it may as well be us! We’re lucky we’ve been picked for the job. It’s such a high profile job I never thought I’d get it.”

Has it been strange being in the public eye recently?
“Alex and I walked by three paparazzi recently and they didn’t so much as give us a second glance! That might not last much longer, but I think they’ll quickly realise how boring I am.”

Who would be your dream guests?
“I’d like Neil Diamond and Steve Martin – definitely funny people. I’m a bit nervous about comics – I know Jimmy Carr and Sean Lock are booked to come on the show. They’re my pals so they’re just going to take the mickey! I think that will be weird.”

As a comic you’re used to saying what’s on your mind, are you worried about how this might translate on a live, pre-watershed show?
“I’m going to have to insert a filter between my brain and my mouth. I haven’t had one for ages. The other shows I did [Tonightly, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You?] were pre-recorded so for this I’m going to need a little Ofcom switch in my brain!”

Do you think the fact it’s a live show is a big part of its appeal?
“Literally anything can happen on a live show. People love when things go wrong on live telly, that’s why they watch it!”

Are you anxious about things going wrong on the show?
“I have lain awake in bed late at night wondering what I’d do if a guest is difficult. Hopefully we’ll have a laugh and make the best of it.”

Is this your main concern?
“One of my main worries is sitting! Where do I put my hands? Do I cross my legs? Am I slouching? If you see me sitting bolt upright suddenly, it’s probably because my mum is talking to me through my earpiece!”

*Jason and Alex host The One Show on BBC1 from Monday to Thursday, with Chris Evans presenting Friday’s programme.