Jaye Jacobs reveals the science teacher’s intentions in next week’s Waterloo Road (BBC1, Wednesday)!

Sian and Michael have history – how does her husband Jez feel about it?
“Jez knows they’ve previous. They’ve not been married very long, but he totally worships her and trusts her.”

But she doesn’t feel the same way?
“He keeps slipping up and getting things wrong. If she mentions something, such as going on a bike ride, he’ll go ahead and buy new bikes! He’s very keen and it crowds her. This isn’t what Sian’s used to, so she pulled away a bit.”

And falls into the arms of Michael!
“Michael is quite predatory in his advances. She was strong for quite a while, but then her marriage to Jez wasn’t as rosy as she hoped. She knows what she’s doing with Michael is wrong’ but he seems to understand her and they have a lot of history together.”

In this episode she decides to put an end to her affair, but then changes her mind. Why is this?
“Michael’s quite pushy and the reality of her marriage is coming home for her. I think she turns to Michael because it seems easier at the time. In some ways it’s safe ground for her – he’s intellectual and she can discuss things with him. And there’s been just one mess-up too many from Jez.”

Does this mean she’s going to leave Jez?
“At this point she feels her relationship with Jez has been a big mistake and that she shouldn’t have married him. Michael admits to her he only broke up with her because he was messed up from the stabbing. So yes, at this point, she is thinking of leaving Jez!”