Jedward aim to represent Ireland at Eurovision

X Factor twins John and Edward hope to represent their home nation of Ireland at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Speaking about their plans, John said: “Right now, our main focus is on Eurovision.

“Yes, the UK needs to pick a good act this year because we’re going to win it for Ireland.

“We’re actually serious. We’re in talks”, while Edward added: “We’re going to go worldwide. It’s huge, Eurovision.”

Meanwhile, the pair’s manager, X Factor judge Louis Walsh thinks Jedward have the necessary ‘attitude’ to win Eurovision, saying: “I’m sure they could win – they have the attitude.”

The twins revealed the news at an event to celebrate them setting a new Guiness world record for the largest pass the parcel with When the last layer was peeled off they jumped out of the box in typical fashion, dressed as this year’s top-selling toy – Buzz Lightyear.