John and Edward Grimes could be set to star in The Simpsons according to reports that the X Factor duo are being considered by the show’s bosses.

The pair – nicknamed Jedward – will follow in the footsteps of Britain’s Got Talent hit Susan Boyle – who encouraged Homer to try out for American Idol in The Simpsons earlier this year.

A Fox spokesperson told The Sun: “Castings are not something we can talk publicly about, but we are taking a look at the boys.

“We love anything Irish – we set a whole show there last year.

“They are certainly charming and good-looking fellows.”

The Twins revealed that they are fans of the cartoon, Edward said: “We would love to be on The Simpsons. John, Edward and The Simpsons – we’re best friends with Bart!”

Meanwhile, the pair have been nominated for Funniest Double Act at Loaded magazine’s Laftas – putting them up against X Factor judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh who are also in the category.