Jedward: ‘We reinvented The X Factor’

Jedward have taken credit for “reinventing” The X Factor as a show that finds stars, not just singing talent.

The 20-year-old Irish twins, John and Edward Grimes, finished sixth on the show in 2009, but have gone on to become famous all over the world and even represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Edward told ITV1 show Lorraine: “The year me and John were on the X Factor it was all about the voice and everyone was like ‘oh it’s all about the singing’. Now they want to find stars, they want to find people who are different.”

John added: “I think me and Ed singlehandedly recreated the X Factor show, we made it to try and find somebody who is not just a singer but someone who is everything – someone who is able to sing, dance…”

The enthusiastic Lipstick stars recommend this year’s wannabes come up with something to make them stand out from the rest of the aspiring singers on the show.

Edward said: “Someone who has a lot of potential, someone who’s not just about singing, someone who can do everything, become like a brand.

John enthused: “So you’ve got to have a really, really cool brand name like Jedward – it’s just Jedward.”

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