Jedward: ‘We’re up for any challenge’

John and Edward Grimes said they are “up for any challenge” now their X Factor dream has ended.

The twins – dubbed Jedward – were the latest act to be booted off the show and said they will consider any offers before they decide what to do next.

The 18-year-olds, from Dublin, told GMTV: “We are up for any challenge… We have got to think about it together and see if it’s for us.”

The twins, who said it takes them only 10 seconds to create the trademark hairstyles which add to their cartoon image, had been popular with the talent show’s viewers, but found themselves in the bottom two against Olly Murs at the weekend, and were voted out by three of the four judges.

They used energetic performances to distract from their lacklustre singing and are expected to be a huge hit on The X Factor live tour.

“The tour is coming up next year so we’re really excited about that. We just want to throw ourselves into that,” they said.

They described appearing on the show as “fun” and said everyone they worked with were “such pros”.

Edward said: “We were honoured just to be given the opportunity to have made it that far.”

The twins said they did not mind people not being able to tell them apart and were happy to share the joint name Jedward.

“It’s cool because our fans came up with that name,” John said.