Jedwards’s mics were turned down, claims source

X Factor twins John and Edward are at the centre of ‘fix’ claims following reports that soundmen have been ordered to turn down their mics!

The Irish 18-year-olds received some of their highest praise from judges following their version of Queen’s Under Pressure on Saturday night.

The Sun quoted a programme source who claimed: “Every week session singers record backing tracks to some songs. But soundmen are told to turn down the levels of the twins’ mics so their vocals are mostly covered by the backing singers. Often mics are so low the twins’ singing would be barely audible.”

However, a spokeswoman for production company talkbackThames said all X Factor hopefuls receive an ‘equal amount’ of technical help for their live performances.

She said: “All contestants sing live on Saturday night and all are given an equal amount of technical support to ensure they give the best live performance they can.

“Technical support is standard for all artists when giving live vocal performances.”

At the weekend chart act Calvin Harris crashed the stage with a pineapple on his head during John and Edward’s performance, later claiming he did it to ‘make a mockery’ of the competition and its ‘terrible” music’.