Jennifer Aniston: ‘I would honestly go back to Friends’

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she’d love to go back to Friends.

The actress, 44, who sprung to fame on the hit sitcom, made the comment in a chat with James Burrows, the director of the hit ’90s sitcom.

She said that she enjoyed working on the series so much that she ‘would honestly go back to it’, adding: “If we could I would.”

But the We’re the Millers actress said: “I don’t think anyone would want to see it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer spent nearly 10 minutes on stage in Los Angeles where James, who she called both ‘Poppa’ and ‘Dad’, was honoured.

The star, who donned glasses and was wearing her large diamond engagement ring from fiance Justin Theroux, told how her early days were uncertain on the series because her Friends deal had not been formalised.

“I had to sit out during cast photos,” she said. “They didn’t know if I would still be playing Rachel or not.”

She said that Friends, which co-starred Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, turned out to be ‘one of the most energising experiences to date’ for her.


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