Jennifer Saunders has revealed she would be up for making an Absolutely Fabulous film.

The BBC comedy, which ran for five series and returned for three special episodes to celebrate the sitcom’s 20th anniversary, starred the 55-year-old actress as PR Edina Monsoon and Joanna Lumley as her booze-loving best friend Patsy Stone.

“Everyone keeps going, ‘Oh why don’t you do a film? Why don’t you do some more?’ And you keep thinking, ‘Because the expectation is so high!'” she told BBC Radio 4’s Front Row.

“You think, ‘Well, we could really mess it up’. And so, why mess up something that is actually still perceived as being quite good?”

But she said that she may finally bow down to the fans, adding: “Because everyone’s saying ‘Why don’t you write it?’, I’m thinking ‘Yeah, why don’t I write it?’

“It would be quite easy, Joanna Lumley would like it. You know, I might well do it,” she added.

Jennifer hinted that they could even start work on the film as early as 2014.

“I’ve got some little pet projects that I keep tinkering away with. One of them might be the Ab Fab film, I don’t know. As we’re going into winter, a nice little summertime film seems rather attractive,” she teased.

Joanna has said she would gladly reprise her role as Patsy, but it would depend on Jennifer.

“Let’s wait and see what Miss Saunders does, because she’s the fountain of all writing on that. If she writes something else, we’re all there. We just go, ‘Yeah, please, please,'” she said.

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