Jennifer Saunders has confirmed she will begin writing an Absolutely Fabulous movie in the new year.

The actress and comedienne – who stars in the comedy as crazy PR Edina Monsoon, alongside Joanna Lumley as her boozed-up best friend Patsy Stone – has previously hinted she was considering penning a big screen spin-off.

Now she has confirmed to This Morning she is about to begin work on the screenplay.

Jennifer revealed: “There isn’t [a movie], but there will be. I’m close to picking up a pen, that’s how close it is.

“But after Christmas. There’s so much to do before. I don’t want to write it before Christmas, that would be silly. I’ll do it after.”

The star – who is promoting her autobiography Bonkers – previously told BBC Radio 4’s Front Row she was aiming to make the film in the summer.

She said: “I’ve got some little pet projects that I keep tinkering away with. One of them might be the Ab Fab film, I don’t know.

“As we’re going into winter, a nice little summertime film seems rather attractive.”

Although she did admit she felt under pressure to make a movie version of the sitcom.

She said: “Everyone keeps going, ‘Oh why don’t you do a film? Why don’t you do some more?’ And you keep thinking, ‘Because the expectation is so high!’

“You think, ‘Well we could really mess it up’. And so, why mess up something that is actually still perceived as being quite good?”