Daytime programme The Jeremy Kyle Show has run into trouble with media regulator Ofcom after it broadcast one of the most “offensive” swear words on air.

The watchdog said that the use of the word, which was on the July 2 edition of the show on ITV2, was “highly offensive and unacceptable”.

ITV said that the swearing had not been spotted when it happened since two guests were talking across each other at the time.

The investigation came after a viewer complained that one of the guests had sworn when referring to his partner.

ITV said the word had been edited out of the main programme, but was left in during a brief “tease” screened earlier in the show.

Although the broadcaster said that the word was not “readily audible”, it accepted that viewers might still have heard it and been offended by it. They added that the fact only one person had complained backed this up.

However Ofcom said that while it accepted this explanation, it added that it was “the third instance during a period of just over one year where the most offensive language had been included in error in a daytime edition of The Jeremy Kyle Show”.

ITV said it would only use edited programme material for teases in the future.