Jeremy Kyle: ‘Some say I’ve got the eyes of Satan’

Talk show host Jeremy Kyle has launched a tough defence of his ITV1 programme, saying ‘some will always think I’ve got the eyes of Satan; others will think I’m a TV god’.

Kyle was responding to judge Alan Berg who banded his confrontational show ‘human bear-baiting’ after the judge fined a guest £300 for head-butting a love rival in the studio.

“Sometimes people need to be stripped bare before they can be helped,” he says. “They’ll see me at the end and say ‘I knew what you were going to say and I needed to hear it’. I’m not there to be liked, I’m there to tell the truth. If I’ve found out you’re sleeping with your wife’s sister, of course I’m not going to be your favourite person!

“Some people leave the show hating me for ever,” he continues. “But don’t come on and ask us to put you through rehab if you’re not prepared to be pulled up on how your behaviour affected your family, wife and kids.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show regularly pulls in 1.5 million viewers on weekday mornings and the Daily Mirror reports he’s set to sign a new £1 million contract.

Kyle says: “There’s a lot more to [the show] than people give us credit for. Me and my team work hard to help our guests with the support they need.”

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