Jessie J denies rumours of Voice return

Jessie J has denied rumours that she has already signed up for a second series of The Voice, following reports that she was to return as a judge next series.

Speculation mounted over her future on the show a fortnight ago after the papers reported she had become the first judge to sign on the dotted line for series two.

However speaking to Radio 1′ s Newsbeat Jessie said, “The Voice has been great. It’s still an amazing memory in my mind and my heart.

“But next year I haven’t decided yet, I’m still looking at album two. It’s a matter of just making a decision just based on how busy I’m going to be. But who knows, I’ve not made my decision yet.”

She also hit back at criticism of the show, which began strongly in the ratings but lost around half its audience during the live shows, saying it had been ‘amazing’ for a first series.

“There’s always going to be a handful of people that want to look at the negatives,” she said.

“But there are also millions of people looking at the positives saying that this is one of the best talent shows they’ve seen on TV and it is. That’s what I focus on.”