Jessie J goes on the warpath in The Voice

Jessie J had some harsh words for fellow coaches and contestants in Sunday’s The Voice, as she blasted one of’s song choices as ‘horrific’.

Outspoken Jessie took to task for making his acts Leanne Jarvis and duo Carla and Barbara perfom Mariah Carey’s ballad Hero as they squared up in the battle round.

Jessie said: “I think you’re both incredibly talented, that’s not changed at all, I just thought the song choice was horrific.”

And when Jarvis triumphed, she added: “Leanne’s great – just give her a great song next time Will.”

She also had strong opinions about her own acts Nate James and Lovelle Hill, who sang No Air, saying: “I’m not here to be anything other than honest, I don’t think that was the best performance I’ve seen you guys do of that song.” She went on to take Lovelle through.

Jessie also gave one of her acts a dressing down in rehearsals. Rap duo De’Vide were battling against Danny County, but angered their coach by turning up unprepared at a run-through. Jessie said: “I’m the only person who’s given a rapper a chance in this competition, don’t take that for granted, because right now he ain’t scared of you two at all.”

De’Vide upped their game for the battle round, but were still beaten to a spot on the team by Danny.

Coach Sir Tom Jones surprised the other judges by choosing young mother Cherelle Basquine over his own Welsh superfan Elise Evans, despite shocked looks from Jessie, Danny O’Donoghue and He said: “Cherelle has a really soulful voice and I just leaned that way…but it was close.”

Team Will took on Belfast fashion student Leah McFall over her battle competitor CJ Edwards, who was the last act to audition for the show this year. opted for Leah telling her she was ‘mega dope’.

The final battle of the night was for a place in Team Danny, between Irish busker Connor Scott and folk duo couple Smith and Jones singing Fun’s Some Nights, with Connor coming out on top.


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