Jessie J: Voice tour axe not all bad

Jessie J says she thinks the axing of The Voice tour wasn’t all bad news.

The 11-date tour, the planned spin-off from the BBC One show, was cancelled earlier this month due to poor ticket sales.

But the singer, a judge on the series, told Newsbeat: “It’s always disappointing. But it’s not a bad thing.

“Personally, maybe I shouldn’t say this… but I actually think it’s a good thing, not that it’s been cancelled, but that they (the acts) now have the opportunity to do their own thing.”

Jessie, who has not yet signed for another series as judge of The Voice, said that the tour would have made the show too similar to its rivals.

She said of The Voice’s contestants: “Now they have the opportunity to… learn their craft. Otherwise going on tour can put you in a bubble.”

Asked about how much contact she had with her acts, she said: “I was real about it on the show. I have a career and so do they. I can’t hold their hand now.”

Jessie added: “I’m so busy that sometimes I barely have time to mentor myself. I’m not going to pretend that I’m going to be their management or creative directors.”

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