Jim Broadbent asked to play a woman in The Harry Hill Movie

Jim Broadbent has revealed he asked to dress up in drag to play a woman in The Harry Hill Movie.

Harry Hill asked the 64-year-old Oscar-winning actor to appear in his new film, and offered to rewrite the role of The Cleaner as a man for him. But Jim said he’d prefer to play a woman.

Harry explained: “I’ve been a big fan of Jim Broadbent for years. The part he plays was actually written for a woman and somebody said, ‘Why don’t we get a Jim Broadbent?’ and I said ’cause he’s like a bloke?!’ And we rang him up and he said, ‘It’s written as a woman’, and I said, ‘It could be a bloke,’ and he said, ‘Could be fun for it to be a woman…’

“And then you end up at Jim Broadbent’s house with him trying on a dress and a wig! And he does it in a really funny way.”

Jim added: “I don’t get offered many women. It’s a bit limiting playing men all the time, so to play a women’s role was fantastic.”

The film follows Harry, his Nan, played by Julie Walters, and his pet hamster, voiced by Johnny Vegas, on a road trip to Blackpool, unaware they are being pursued by Harry’s evil twin brother, Otto, played by Matt Lucas.

The Harry Hill Movie is in cinemas now.


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