Strictly Come Dancing‘s Jimi Mistry has said he is worried about perfecting the show’s ballroom moves – as they are different from his own style of dance.

The actor told The Sun that he was a dedicated breakdancer while growing up – and that as a result more traditional dance moves do not come naturally to him.

“While I can relate to a little bit of slinky-hip action, the whole ballroom fox-trotty stuff I’ve never really had to do,” he said.

“From the age of 10 to about 15 I had this affliction for robotics and breakdancing. I was also obsessed with Michael Jackson,” he added.

“I used to breakdance and spend a lot of nights in the garage of my house perfecting the moves to Thriller. I’ve always liked to express myself through music and dance.”

Jimi – who played a dance teacher in the 2002 comedy The Guru – also said he hoped he would not let down his nine-year-old daughter Elin, who has become a fan of the show.

“On the one hand she thinks it’s great,” he said. “On the other she’s petrified I’m going to embarrass her and be like old dancing dad.”