JLS star moves in with Ruth and Alex

JLS star Oritse Williams is apparently sharing a hotel room with fellow X Factor finalist Ruth Lorenzo and winner Alexandra Burke.

Spanish singer Ruth has become a shoulder to cry on for Oritse as he has been unable to return home to his mum Sonia, who is battling multiple sclerosis.

A source told The Sun: “Oritse has spent the past few months living with the rest of the finalists.

“He was the bread-winner for the family, but things are very tense at home with some of his relatives.

“So he has not been able to go home yet and he has been staying with Ruth and Alex.”

Ruth and Alexandra became best friends during The X Factor and made a pact to share a flat together when the show was over.

Since winning the show, record executives have put Alex up in a suite in an expensive London hotel while she fulfils a busy promotional schedule to try and make sure her debut single Hallelujah is Christmas No 1.

The source added: “Alex invited Ruth to share her very small hotel suite and Oritse has moved in too. He is sleeping on the couch for now – it’s a bit of a squeeze!”

Ruth was living in Ashtead, Surrey before the show while her Spanish fiance Juan Manuel is at home in Spain.

A spokesman for Ruth said: “Ruth and Juan are very much together.”

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