JLS: X Factor’s Jedward can join our band!

JLS have said that if the X Factor twins John and Edward don’t win the show – they can join their band instead.

Aston told The Sun: “If they don’t win the show there is room for them in our team.

“They are two of the bravest kids I’ve met. It’s not right to get booed, but they still come out smiling.”

Oritse added: “They’re very entertaining and they are fantastic to watch. We fully support them.

“We met them when we performed on the show last Sunday and it was nice to see them asking us for advice. It’s good to give something back.

“The reaction they’re getting is unfair though. It’s their right to be in the competition as well as anyone else.

“They show a great family bond and it’s a good example people should give them credit for.”

The band revealed that performing on the X Factor last weekend was different to when they were contestants on the show.

JB said: “We could relax for a change as we knew we weren’t going to get booted off.”

But Aston said: “I watched it back and when we were talking to Simon Cowell we still looked nervous and scared.

“I don’t know why we did that. It’s hard not to act that way around him.”