Jo Brand: ‘Women are too soft for comedy’

Jo Brand has claimed comedy is largely a man’s world because women are too soft.

The comic, who won best female TV comic at the British Comedy Awards, reckons women should toughen up if they want to take on their male counterparts.

“I personally think it’s an issue of self-confidence – in some ways, it’s harder for women to take the knocks once they start and I do know a lot of women that have dropped away because they just got so much abuse,” she said backstage.

The 53-year-old continued: “I’d like women to develop a harder, thicker skin but also, we should encourage them a bit more. They definitely are as funny, just different.

“Having been a psychiatric nurse for 10 years, I got far more creative abuse than I ever have done as a stand-up. So I find it rather relaxing to be told, ‘F*** off, you fat cow’. Can’t you try a bit harder than that?”

She claimed her secret to success is ‘looking like a hideous scary lesbian, but actually being a soft, cuddly heterosexual.’

Newly crowned Queen of Comedy Miranda Hart added: “There’s probably some deep sociological and psychological reason why there are less women, but there just are, and it will probably be the case for a bit.”