EastEnders actress Jo Joyner has said her character Tanya getting back together with ex-husband Max would have a Marmite effect on viewers who will either love it or hate it.

Speaking to the TV Times Jo admitted that not everyone is pleased to see the couple reunited, after Tanya, who is battling cervical cancer, turned to her ex for support.

“Them being back together is like Marmite. Some people hate the idea, others love it,” she said.

“A lot of people think Max is really smarmy – they’re the ones who don’t fancy him. The ones who find him sexy feel like Tanya and forgive him.”

The actress added that she was convinced Tanya had kept Max at a distance until now so that he did not see her at her lowest point.

“Tanya and Max’s relationship has always been based on her having to be sexy and attractive, to keep him on his toes,” Jo said.

“Now she’s in a situation where she hasn’t got the energy or ability to be like that, so the terms of their reunion are utterly different.”