Joan Collins: ‘I loved Eighties glamour’

Hollywood icon Joan Collins will be giving one family a much-needed makeover for her new show Joan Does Glamour. Here, the Dynasty star talks about looking good and loving Primark!

You are taking three generations of one family and trying to put some glamour back in their lives. Why do you think it is necessary?

“I think standards have slipped. And if they continue slipping we’ll all be walking around barefoot with a minimum amount of clothes and lots of tattoos and piercings so I think it’s time people pulled their socks up!”

Why do you think it has happened?

“The nineties changed everything. They were all about grunge, all black, not trying too hard. I think that’s when it all started, out of hate for the eighties and the excess and greed that decade represented.”

So you loved the Eighties?

“Absolutely! The shoulder pads, the small waists, there were some wonderful clothes in the shops and I think designers too. I enjoyed the recent London Fashion Week but felt the clothes were naff on the whole.”

Isn’t it all a bit too expensive at a time of recession?

“No. The High Street has a proliferation of really good stores – Primark has some wonderful things at really cheap prices.”

What else does looking good do for you?

“Making the best of yourself brings out your self-esteem and that’s what happened. All the women said they felt so much better in themselves. It was very rewarding. I got a great feeling of satisfaction that I had made not only the three girls fulfilled and feeling good about themselves but also their family. I thought: ‘Wow, did I do this? I can do it again.’ Next stop Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh the world..!”

What are your own grooming tips?

“It’s very important to wear makeup and to moisturise and bring out the eyes and the lips. It used to be that you could only do one or the other but I don’t think that’s true now. I think the most glamorous thing for a woman’s face is bright lipstick, red or bright pink, but I also couldn’t be without my eyeliner.”

And what about styling?

“Most stores have sales assistants who will help you. It’s a question of summing up yourself up and making a list of what’s good. For example, if you have big hips like Michelle Obama, accentuate your arms. One of the most unattractive features on any woman is the roll of fat around the middle and showing that off with a cropped top and low-rise jeans is a fashion crime!”

Joan Does Glamour begins on ITV1 on Tuesday.