Joan Rivers was removed from ITV1’s Loose Women on Tuesday after using bad language live on air. Watch it here…

Talking about red carpet events, Joan used the words “f****** s***” when talking about actor Russell Crowe.

She claimed she expected there to be a time delay so the expletives could be bleeped out.

Joan, known for her near-the-knuckle comedy, was on the programme to promote her London acting debut in the self-penned autobiographical play Joan Rivers: A Work In Progress By A Life In Progress.

The 75-year-old later said it was the first time she’d been taken off a television show.

She said: “I’m certainly not mellowing with age. Viewers, people have heard the word f***. People have heard it in Sex And The City, it’s such a common word.”

She said she’d warned the show ‘get ready to bleep’, adding it wasn’t her fault if there wasn’t a bleeper.

She said she’d been having a great time on the panel when she made the comments about Crowe, saying: “I said: ‘I apologise’. Everyone apologised. It was hilariously funny.”

But she said that during a commercial break: “They whipped me off. It’s the first time in 40 years. I’m thrilled – everyone keeps saying to me: ‘What more is there in your career? You’ve got every award there is’.”

She continued: “I would be delighted to go back if they would apologise and give me a gift.”

The star joked of her show: “It’s going to be on F***Tube” and added: “They should be ashamed of themselves.”

WARNING: Offensive Language. CLICK below to watch Joan Rivers’ foul-mouthed slip-up on Loose Women