Joanna Page doesn’t think there’ll ever be a Gavin & Stacey film, but she’d like to turn the show into musical.

While other hit TV series like Sex And The City and The Inbetweeners have been adapted for the big screen, the actress – who played ditzy Stacey – doesn’t think her comedy will go the same way.

“I’d like to make a film if we could be filming in Hawaii or Spain or somewhere, that would be nice, but I don’t think we’ll ever do a film because everything was all done in the telly series,” she said.

“I’d quite like to do a musical, that would be quite fun if we could do it all with rock songs. Although my singing is not that wonderful, so I’d probably have to speak-sing my bit.”

Joanna, who is currently filming new Sky1HD series Gates, admitted she missed her old cast members on Gavin & Stacey. She’s also looking forward to seeing James Corden’s new baby boy Max.

“I’ve seen photos of him, but I haven’t seen him in real life. He just looks adorable and James is going to be an absolutely perfect father,” she revealed.

“When we were doing the third series he was just amazing with the little baby we had and he just looked like he was made to do it. I’m the sort of person who can never think of anything to say to a baby, but he just looks like a natural.”