Joanna: ‘Patsy was back as soon as my hair was up’

Joanna Lumley has revealed 20 years felt like nothing as soon as her hair was put back into her Absolutely Fabulous character’s trademark beehive.

The actress, 65, has reunited with co-star Jennifer Saunders for three anniversary specials of the BBC comedy, which first hit screens in 1991.

“As soon as my hair was up I thought, ‘Yes! Patsy’s back,'” Joanna told the Daily Mirror.

“Jennifer and I walked on set in costume as Eddy and Patsy and kept looking at each other and going, ’20 years – where has that gone?’ We had a ball.

“We forged such great affection for each other when we first started working on the show and that fondness and respect was still there.”

But despite saying she loves playing Patsy, Joanna insisted she’s nothing like her party-loving character.

“God no! If I was, I would be locked up! I do like champagne, but I would never drink if I was working. As an actress, you try your hardest to make people believe you are that person.”

*The first anniversary episode of Absolutely Fabulous will be shown on BBC One on Christmas Day at 10pm.