Joanna reveals that Stacey wants a baby!

Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page reveals what’s in store for the couple in this last ever series…

Stacey’s changed quite a bit, hasn’t she?

“Yes, she’s grown up now she’s married and wants a baby. It’s very different to when she was out clubbing and having a laugh in the first series.”

How do you feel about it being the final series?

“Things move on quickly! We started three years ago and it’s strange to think it’s now finished. Filming this series was nice as we felt really set up. We knew it was the end so we felt really relaxed and just enjoyed it. I was really sad on the last day. You’re devastated as you’re all together and then separated but our friendships will carry on. I will so miss Ruth. Filming our last scene together we were both crying, but I know we’ll see each other.”

Did you take any souvenirs from set?

“We all have a Gavin & Stacey T-shirt saying ‘not occurring any more’. And Mel [Melanie Walters] who plays my mum gave me a book called Cooking For Dogs – it’s all different recipes and she wrote in it that I could start somewhere by learning to cook for my dog, a Jack Russell called Daisy, and then I could progress to learning to cook for my husband!”

Why do you think Gavin & Stacey has been such a success?

“I think people can relate to the different characters, and you can watch it and see bits of it in your own life and family. One person said they loved the curry bit as they say, ‘that’s what we do – we get the curry and put it in the middle’ – and so it makes you laugh as it’s so familiar.”

How similar are you to Stacey?

“I’m a home bird and love my family, and I’m quite excitable and feisty. Stacey’s so sweet and really lovely but really strong as well. There are parts that are similar, but most is acting. I haven’t been engaged six times! My mum always makes omelettes. And my uncle, before I went to Rada, bought me a rape alarm, but aside from that…”

When did you first realise how successful the show had been?

“It was when we went to the Comedy Awards. I realised then that people were watching it and liking it. People always shout out, ‘oh what’s occurring?’ and are always lovely. They always want to talk to you because they think they know you, because Stacey’s so open. They always say, ‘when are you going to have a baby?’ and ‘you’d better get started!’ It’s been great, really lovely.”

Where’s the strangest place you’ve been recognised?

“I was on holiday in Sri Lanka and went to an elephant rescue centre. I had to go to the toilet and when I got there it was a hole in the floor. A woman came up to me and said, ‘it’s you, isn’t it, Stacey?’ I was squatting over a hole in the floor in a Sri Lankan elephant centre! I just said, ‘yes, it is! It’s Stacey!’ It’s got to be the weirdest place to be recognised!”

What next for you?

“I don’t know. I’ve been sent a lot of scripts for films, but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. It’s been so nice to work on something where the writing is so fab, the director’s brilliant and it’s really enjoyable to work on – hard to top.”

Are you worried about always being called Stacey?

“No, it’s nice that people like something you’ve done. At least I did one thing in my career which was good!”

Will Gavin & Stacey return one day?

“You’ll have to ask Ruth and James, but I don’t think they’ll do another series. In a few years, maybe 20 years when we’ve aged and we all look really rough, that’d be really funny. But I think it’s nice the way it’s been left, to be honest. It’s a strong ending and I don’t know how we could top it.”

What do you think Stacey will be doing in a few years?

“I’ve got this idea she’d be an Avon representative – going round door to door and doing Avon parties. I think she’d be great!”

*Gavin & Stacey screens on Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC1