Soul singer Jocelyn Brown has become the second casualty of Popstar to Operastar, after the remaining four contestants made their operatic debut.

Jocelyn lost out after finding herself in the bottom two with Toploader singer Joseph Washbourn after they had taken to the stage for the first time, along with Steps star Claire Richards and Erasure’s Andy Bell.

And while Claire and Andy made it through to next week on the public vote, both Jocelyn and Joseph found themselves having to sing again to stay in the competition.

And once again it was a close-run thing when it came to the judges’ vote. Vanessa-Mae voted for Joseph while Simon Callow opted for Jocelyn, praising the “great courage and beauty” of her performance.

Katherine Jenkins, meanwhile, opted for Joseph, leaving Rolando Villazon with the casting vote.

“I think they both gave very strong performances,” he said. “Jocelyn has been such a pleasure to work with, Joseph you are a great guy you’ve come a long way. But based on this performance I will save Joseph.

Afterwards Jocelyn remained philosophical about her premature departure from the show.

“I feel I’ve gone on a nice journey and learned a lot,” she said. “No-one is going to learn anything that fast but you do the best you can do.”

The remaining six singers, who also include last week’s qualifiers Joe McElderry, Cheryl Baker and Pussycat Dolls star Melody Thornton, will all compete together for the first time on next Sunday’s show, with one more perfomer leaving the competition for good.