Watch out Ross Kemp and Louis Theroux! Jodie Marsh is back with a new TV series and reckons she is a better investigative reporter than the pair of them put together!

The model and reality TV star goes undercover to investigate plastic surgery, internet dating and mail order brides for the new series of her show Jodie Marsh On…, which starts on TLC this week. During filming of the latest series, Jodie reveals she was held hostage in a German brothel and was caught up in the middle of the riots in Ukraine.

“I think I’m already better than him at what I do,” reckons Jodie. “I love Ross Kemp. I actually love him, I think I fancy him a bit as well. But he is very monotoned.
When he does a show it’s always the same tone, the same level of voice – he is who he is. With me you get the fearlessness of Ross Kemp and the intelligence of Louis Theroux, and then you get the Jodie Marsh fireworks!”

Jodie investigates the world of plastic surgery in the first episode, and admits she’s gone under the knife herself, which has ultimately made her happier. But she believes people seeking plastic surgery should be made to have therapy before they are allowed to go through with it.

“If there’s something about your body that you absolutely hate, and you can have it changed or fixed, then why not, if it’s going to make you happier, more confident, give you more self esteem , whatever it is that it gives you, great,” says Jodie. “But if you’re having surgery for the wrong reason – because it’s trendy, because everybody else if having it, because you’re lacking something in life, because you’re emotionally scarred in some way, they are the wrong reasons to have plastic surgery and you will end up regretting it. So the show it is about that.”

Jodie Marsh On… begins at 10pm on October 14 on TLC.