Jodie Marsh lifts the lid on steroid abuse (VIDEO)

Glamour model turned TV journalist Jodie Marsh says she was prompted to make a documentary about steroid abuse after being accused of using them.

Jodie’s documentary On Steroids premieres on TLC channel on Tuesday and was inspired by former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips, who accused Jodie of using steroids when she became a champion body builder two years ago.

Jodie told “I got accused of using steroids when I did body building and I’ve never used steroids so.. the public are clearly not aware of what steroids are and what they do and we need something to show that because if I’m being accused of being on steroids and I know 100 per cent I’m not then that shows the level of what people know about them.

“We show everything, we show what they do to your body, in a good and a bad way, it’s totally unbiased.”

Jodie says the unflinching documentary examines a range of steroid users, from a woman whose eyeball exploded to a woman who’s effectively changed into a man!

Tuesday’s documentary is followed a week later by her investigation into prostitution, Jodie Marsh on the Game.

Watch the interview with Jodie Marsh:

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