King of the Jungle Joe Swash tells us about his new game show Minute To Win It (ITV2, Tuesday) – and why he’s happy to make a fool of himself!

Tell us about your new show?
“I’d say it’s a cross between Celebrity Juice and The Cube. All the games we feature are silly games that can be played in your own home with everyday objects. There are two teams competing, I captain the girls’ team and Caroline Flack captains the boys’ team and you only have a minute for each game.”

Who are the teams made up of?
“We have two teams of friends who’ve all known each other for years. So you’ve got five blokes who are mates against five girls who are mates. That way, the chemistry between them is really good.”

What kind of games do you play?
“My favourite is where you have a banana on a piece of string attached to a belt and you have to swing it between your legs. The idea is to keep the momentum up! I really enjoyed that!”

Pretty tame compared to your Bushtucker trials?
“You could say they’re a bit tame for me, but I really enjoyed playing them. I had such a laugh doing the show and I hope that comes across on the telly.”

You’re not afraid of looking silly, then?
“Listen, I’ve eaten a crocodile willy, I can’t worry about looking silly! I’ve also had to wear a skin-tight silver suit on Hole in The Wall so I couldn’t look any worse!”

Was it fun working with Caroline Flack again, your co-host from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here Now?
“I’ve worked with Caroline on that show for the past two years, but she’s leaving to do The Xtra Factor this year. We have such a nice working relationship. They haven’t announced who’ll be replacing her yet so I’m really curious to find out!”

You returned to EastEnders recently to film your screen brother Darren’s wedding. How was that?
“It was really nice to see everyone again. Plus, it’s the first acting job I’ve done since leaving the jungle. I do want to do more acting, but at the moment I’m really enjoying the presenting work.”

What have you got coming up next?
“I’ve just finished doing a show for CBBC called Driving Academy then I’m off to Australia in November to do I’m A Celebrity’s backstage show. When I get back from Australia, I’ll be doing panto.”

Have you kept in touch with any of your mates from the jungle?
“Yeah, I keep in touch with George (Takei) by email, and I see Simon Webbe and David Van Day now and again. We don’t really have reunions although when you’re in there you say, ‘Oh, we’ll be best friends for ever!’”