His alter ego Mickey Miller made a quiet exit from EastEnders in 2008. But now I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here winner, Joe Swash, is back on the box and making quite a splash as the new team captain in Hole In The Wall, starting on BBC One on Saturday, September 26.

So Joe, how did you get involved in show?

“I done it last year as a guest. When they approached me this year I thought, why not? It’s such a fun show to do and it’s nice not to take yourself too seriously.”

Are you excited at the prospect of heading a team?

“It’s wicked being captain – I’m the leader! We filmed the 10-part series for seven days straight in Scotland. For each show we done there was four celebrities. It was really nice to meet people who I’ve seen on the telly, but never met before.”

Can you reveal the names of any of the guests?

“There’s some really good guests. I was really pleased with who we had on – Sophie Anderton, John Altman [EastEnders’ Nick Cotton]. Me and Mark Foster had to do a couple of walls together and we look like Little and Large! There’s also Gemma Merna and Gemma Bissix from Hollyoaks. You can always tell a show by its guests and we’ve some really good, funny ones.”

Will Vanessa Feltz be back?

“No, I think she learned her lesson last year when she was on my team!”

Did you do any training for the show?

“You know what, I knew I was going to be doing the show for four months and I said to myself, Joe you’ve got to get fit. But I kept putting it off and before I knew it it was a week before filming. I was hoping they’d let me wear a muscle suit underneath my Lycra costume – but they didnt and, as you’ll see, I’m not a pretty sight!”

How did you feel about being in competition with rugby star Austin Healey?

“The other team captain Austin took me under his wing like I was an annoying younger brother straightaway and we had a healthy rivalry.”

Do you think there’s actually skill to the game or is it just blind luck?

“It’s pure luck! It depends on what shape you get in the wall. One minute you get an easy one and the next you’re faced with 20 seconds of pure fear trying to figure out how to get through the wall!”

You spend a lot of time in the pool when things go wrong – can you swim?

“I can swim, but I don’t look too graceful. I didn’t tell anyone, but I used to have the odd little wee in the pool!”

Have you developed a fetish for Lycra too?

“I have you know, I actually thought it was pretty kinky towards the end. I loved the tight silver suit – it was like I was back in the womb getting cuddled!”

Why do you think the show’s so popular?

“It’s a laugh – light relief and perfect for a Saturday. You get to see people dressed up in stupid outfits, running around, jumping through holes in a wall and falling in water. It’s got everything you need for a good game show – fun and mayhem.”