Joe Thomas vows no nudity on Fresh Meat

Joe Thomas is planning to stay fully dressed on the small screen – for now.

The actor, best known for having wardrobe malfunctions as Inbetweeners‘ Simon, currently stars as Kingsley in Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat, and insisted his clothes will remain firmly on.

“I think I’ve made a good effort to keep my clothes on for a while. I’ve sort of done the nudity thing, I haven’t really got much else to sell but there aren’t many angles that are still available,” he said.

“Simon’s just so young – all he really has are his hormones and a desire for those to turn into something serious, whereas I think Kingsley is a bit more worldly, he reads the paper and sort of knows what’s going on in the world, so I don’t think it would really suit the character as much.”

Joe is enjoying flexing his acting chops with the new character.

“I think Kingsley has a little bit more about him than Simon,” he continued.

“I think Kingsley is less likely to get into the ‘Inbetweener-ish’ moments. He’s not such a risk taker but he does still lie under pressure. There is still that kind of social awkwardness going on, and there’s an adult nature in him; adult in the sense that he is more serious with his feelings.”

Fresh Meat airs on Channel 4 on Wednesdays.

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