Joelle Moses, Adam Isaac among Voice casualties

Joelle Moses and Adam Isaac were among the four acts voted off The Voice on Sunday night, as Tom Jones and each lost two members of their team.

Duo Matt and Sueleen and teenager Frances Wood also exited the competition after being voted off by their coaches.

Their exits came after they found themselves in tbe bottom three of their teams, with Tom and Will only allowed to save one person to take to the semi-final in two weeks time.

Tom chose to save Leanne Mitchell, while Will opted to save Tyler James – who will join Ruth Brown and Jaz Ellington in the semi-final after they won the public vote in their respective teams.

The decision was clearly a difficult one for the veteran singer, who said, “Well Adam was great – he’s done everything I asked him to do and more.

“The same thing with Matt and Sueleen,” he added, “their harmonies were fantastic. But I must say this – you take this as an experience, and go away stronger than when you first stepped in.”

Will told his contestants, “We had a whole bunch of fun, but now it’s battle time, and Jaz went through – I got lucky on that one.

“But I’m preparing for battle and I need someone that is given any scenario and comes through with flying colours and comes out smooth and cool…and that’s Tyler.”

Afterwards Adam said he “felt good” and added, “I don’t envy with you but I agree with you, this is called The Voice and Leanne has got an amazing voice.”

Sueleen added, “It has been an absolutely amazing crazy experience, just being in front of all these guys is wonderful and Tom having the belief in us and what we do has meant so much.”

Frances, meanwhile, said she had “learned so much” and described her time on the show as “amazing,” and Joelle thanked the judges for their “encouragement and constructive criticism.”

The results show also featured performances from the Scissor Sisters as well as Teams Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue, who will make their own bids for the semi-final on next Saturday’s show.