John Bishop reveals his hatred for British snobbery

John Bishop has revealed how deeply he hates the snobbery in British society.

The comedian, who grew up in council houses, admitted he doesn’t like the idea that making money means you are expected to move in different circles, reported the Daily Mirror.

Speaking as part of an exclusive three-part series, he said: “There seems to be a belief in this country that if you move up financially you need to embrace the values and activities of those who’ve already got money.

“A feeling posh people will let you in their club if you talk, think and dress like them. But what if you don’t want to be let in?”

The 47-year-old went on: “I hate that certain people think it’s OK to believe they are better than the rest simply because they were allowed to get ahead through money. And it’s a hate that will never go away.

“There’s a reason so many prime ministers come from one type of school – they instil in you a level of entitlement that goes down to your marrow.”

John told how he and his wife once went to a polo event with friends, where the organiser walked up and asked him to do a stand-up routine for the crowd.

The star said he told him: “Oh, I get it. I thought I was invited here because I was a member of your world, but I’m not am I? I’ve got to sing for my supper.”

He then took the mic and ‘took the p*** out of polo and everyone there’.

“Part of me was quite glad afterwards. Mainly because we never went again,” he added.

John insisted that if he was tasked with perfecting society ‘the first thing I would do is end private education’ – but admitted he had been in a position where he had to squash down his own ideals.

The father-of-three sent his oldest son to a private school because the state schools they were offered were in special measures.

“I realised my loyalty starts and ends at my own front door. We ended up sending him to a fee-paying grammar school which I really hated,” said the funnyman.



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