John McCririck kicked off Titchmarsh chat show

Racing pundit John McCririck was booted off the Alan Titchmarsh show on Wednesday after accusing Ingrid Tarrant of being bad in bed.

Host Alan Titchmarsh immediately asked McCririck, 67, to leave the show, an incident which will screen on Thursday afternoon.

McCririck was discussing the reasons behind the break-up of Ingrid’s marriage to TV presenter Chris Tarrant.

The Daily Mirror reports that McCririck said: “You had a cheek to say he smelt of vindaloo and fish and chips in bed. You can’t be any good in bed, that’s why he strayed away.

“Poor old Chris Tarrant – look at what he had to work with if he was bad in bed.”

An uncharacteristically furious Alan told McCririck to leave and said later: “I was not prepared to listen to one guest being gratuitously insulting to another. John McCririck was unbelievably rude so I sent him off. Simple as that.”

The incident will screen on ITV1’s The Alan Titchmarsh show at 3pm on Thursday.

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