X Factor‘s Johnny Robinson reveals he’s overjoyed at joining This Morning’s summer line-up…

Are you nervous about joining This Morning?
“No, I’m really excited. I feel so lucky that ITV have given me yet another opportunity to do something I’ve never done before in my life. This Morning has been on the air since 1988, it’s an established show, and to be given this chance… well, I can’t believe my luck!”

What can you tell us about jetting off to sunny Spain this week to check out ITV1’s hit comedy Benidorm?
“I’m really looking forward to going to Benidorm for This Morning and working with Sherrie Hewson. Until last year, when I went to Louis Walsh’s judge’s house in Barcelona, I hadn’t been abroad for 22 years. I didn’t even have a passport!”

Have you done any shopping for the trip and what will you be getting up to while you’re there?
“I’ve got myself a nice leopard print sarong for Benidorm, and I’ve also bought a flamenco outfit as I hope to dance with hunky waiter Mateo, played by Jake Canuso. I’ve also heard I might be learning to make cocktails, and racing Madge (Sheila Reid) around the pool in a mobility scooter!”

And then you return to the UK and unleash your adventurous side in This Morning’s new Carry On Camping series?
“I’ll work with Sherrie Hewson again and also lovely Alison Hammond, Matt Johnson, Cheryl Fergison and Carry On legend Amanda Barrie in the Carry On Camping segment. We’ll be in Devon and different locations participating in things like abseiling and horse riding – it might do me some good; make me more masculine!”

What else have they planned for you?
“I’m also going to milk a cow and make my own ice-cream. I’ve never milked a cow in my life – I just hope the milk doesn’t curdle! I really hope people will enjoy watching us and that we put a smile on their faces. We might even make some funny TV gold!”

Have you been offered any reality TV work?
“Not yet. I wouldn’t mind going into that celebrity jungle or Celebrity Big Brother – not that I class myself as a celebrity. That could be quite nice as I still live in my bed-sit. I haven’t moved out yet because I’m a realist and it seems like the sensible option. Last year I couldn’t afford to put food in the cupboard, and now I’m in the lucky position of being offered work, and I’m really grateful for that. But I’m not deluded! I’d like to move out to a bigger place but not until I can afford to.”

That’s a very grounded plan
“I’m an ordinary person. I know what it is to be penniless and I know what it is to lose someone you love. It makes you cherish life. There are always people worse off so I try to be grateful for what I’ve got. The X Factor opened doors for me that had always been jammed shut – it’s amazing to get such lovely offers of work, like This Morning. I can’t stress how lucky I am!”

What can we expect to see you doing in the future?
“I’ve just recorded an original Christmas song called It’s Christmas Time Again, so that’s something I’m looking forward to. It might not make the charts, but even if it goes straight into the bargain bin at least I’ve done it! I think it’s a lovely song and I hope people enjoy it.”

It’s nearly time for The X Factor again – have you any advice for this year’s contestants?
“The only advice I would give them is to enjoy it and work hard. No matter how tough it gets just keep smiling. Enjoy the experience, because it’s never going to come along again. Think yourself very, very lucky that you’ve been cherry-picked from absolutely thousands and thousands and thousands of people!”

Catch Johnny on This Morning, weekday mornings from Monday July 16.