Jon Hamm: So embarrassing waltzing with Daniel Radcliffe

Jon Hamm has admitted it was ’embarrassing’ dancing with Daniel Radcliffe in their TV series.

The pair co-star in offbeat comedy drama A Young Doctor’s Notebook And Other Stories, playing the older and younger versions of the same man, and in the upcoming second series they find themselves waltzing.

The Mad Men star confessed that Daniel put him to shame with his superior moves.

“Dan’s by far the more talented dancer – he’s been on Broadway,” he said. “The last time I had to do any dancing was at high school, and it was as embarrassing then as it is now.

“But it was very funny and a perfect example of the tone of the show; irreverent, funny, sad, macabre.”

The pair appeared together in the bath during series one of the show, which was based on the experiences of writer Mikhail Bulgakov as a newly-qualified medic during the Russian Revolution.

“We figured we didn’t need to revisit the well on that one,” laughed Jon. “Once you have that image in your head, it’s pretty much seared there.”

Jon has been staying in central London for the shoot, and revealed he is feeling more at home than ever.

“I successfully navigated myself after dinner last night without having to check my phone,” he said, adding that he isn’t harassed as much in the UK as he is back home in America.

“People are far too polite to break my stride,” he said. “It’s much better than the States, where you get insulted by cameras and people screaming.”

The actor also hinted that he would be open to making a third series. “Well, never say never, but the way it ends is a little bit tricky to continue,” he laughed. “But anything’s possible when you’re dealing with myself and Dan…”

A Young Doctor’s Notebook And Other Stories begins on Sky Atlantic on Thursday, November 19.

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