Jon Richardson Grows Up for Channel 4

Jon Richardson is presenting a new Channel 4 series about what it takes to become a fully-fledged adult.

The three-part series, Jon Richardson Grows Up, will see the award-winning comedian chat to a range of people from around the UK as he tries to work out how to mature well and become a happy adult. The 8 Out of 10 Cats regular will be joined on his quest by his best friend and fellow comedian Matt ‘Fordie’ Ford as they tour the country in a camper van on their unique road trip.

Jon, 31, said: “Having wasted my 20s dusting skirting boards and devising intricate filing systems for my possessions, I’m determined not to waste the next decade of my life. The 30s also feel like a more momentous decade than my 20s, with my thoughts involuntarily turning towards more permanent things and relationships that will last and where I want to settle down. But I’m still at an age where I should be enjoying my freedom and taking risks and making mistakes.

“I’m keen to find out about the big things in life – money, children and relationships as I have lots and lots of big scary questions about them. Matt, along with some of the contributors we’ll meet on the way, will challenge my thinking and will create an honest, heartfelt and funny TV guide to growing up.”