Jonas Armstrong’s Hit & Miss love story!

Robin Hood’s Jonas Amstrong tells What’s On TV all about Ben and Mia’s blossoming romance in Sky Atlantic’s dark drama Hit & Miss, plus what it’s like to work with US star Chloe Sevigny…

Can you tell us how things develop between Ben and Mia in the third episode of Hit & Miss?

“Well they seem to like each other a lot, ever since he saw her in the pub all dolled up in the first episode. So they arrange to go for a date in this episode and they have a really nice time. He tries to kiss her and she tells him that she’s different to other girls. He says that he knows, but that’s why he likes her – but of course it can’t possibly be what he’s thinking.”

He doesn’t have a clue she’s transgender, does he?

“Ben sort of questions why nothing can happen. He keeps trying to kiss her. Later, after she’s involved in an accident and in a pretty bad state, she does eventually tell him her secret. He’s like, ‘What on earth is going on?’ and doesn’t know how to take it. It’s a bit of a shock. He assesses it, though, and eventually says he really likes her, but he’s confused. Then they have some sort of emotional stuff and the story goes from there. It’s great drama to see if they’re both still going to be interested in each other.”

Hit & Miss has such an unusual premise. Is this what attracted you to the project?

“The whole story, about a hit woman who’s transgender, is such a great idea. Then there’s a family element to it and a bit of love going on which makes it even more unusual. Mia’s so tough and hard and always up for action. Lots of sex stuff starts going on with these two, plus there’s violence and murders, so it does go dark.”

What was it like acting opposite a Hollywood actress like Chloe Sevigny?

“It was really fun filming with Chloe, and the sets were close to my home so I didn’t have to travel far. Chloe doesn’t look manly really – she looks like a beautiful woman, gorgeous, slender and sleek – it’s no wonder Ben’s fancying Mia. I imagine it must have been difficult for Chloe during the filming. She’s the central character in nearly every scene, so there’s so much for her to do and think about. She was in make-up constantly and wearing prosthetics. She was really tired, but a real trouper. I could tell by the end though that she was feeling the strain as anybody would. I was the same at the end of a series of Robin Hood.”

Prisoners Wives went down really well earlier this year didn’t it? Would you like to be part of another series?

“Yeah, but I’m not sure if my character’s going to be involved as he’s being locked away now for 20 odd years and the wife has left him. Unless, I have a relationship with an inmate or become a drug lord I’m not sure how it would work!”

*Hit & Miss screens on Tuesdays at 10pm on Sky Atlantic.

Hit & Miss is also out on DVD & Blu-ray on 2 July courtesy of FremantleMedia Enterprises