Jonathan Dimbleby admits trying cocaine

Jonathan Dimbleby has admitted he tried cocaine and called for serious consideration to be given to the issue of decriminalisation.

The veteran broadcaster and host of long-running Radio 4 show Any Questions? criticised middle-class cocaine users for not being aware that they were fuelling a drugs war, which is causing misery for millions.

Dimbleby, 67, suggested that he also thought that it was ‘ridiculous’ to attack public figures such as politicians for having taken drugs when they were at university.

He told The Daily Telegraph that he tried cocaine as well as cannabis in his youth.

He said: “I had cannabis twice in my early twenties. And once, in America (at around the same age), I did a line of cocaine.

“I sneezed it all over the place much to the dismay of the people around who saw it as this precious substance. It tickled my nose, and then it blocked my nose. And I had no experience from it at all.”

Dimbleby, the brother of Question Time host David, said that he may have used it again if he had experienced ‘a tremendous buzz’, but that he has not touched the drug since.

The broadcaster said he saw the effects of the cocaine trade while recently filming a BBC Two Sunday night series, A South American Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby.

Asked whether Britain should decriminalise drugs, he told the newspaper: “Well, I think we should take the matter more seriously.”

Dimbleby said he had ‘a sort of contempt for cocaine sniffers in this country who are intelligent middle-class people, but do not realise that they are fuelling a drugs war that is leading to misery for millions.’

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