Jonathan Ross‘s mouth has often landed him in trouble – now ITV bosses have gagged the presenter in an ad for his television comeback.

The talkative host is seen with gaffer tape over his mouth in a new promo for his forthcoming series, which begins next month.

The funnyman left the BBC last year after his contract ended in the wake of the ‘Sachsgate’ scandal, but he has since signed a deal to front a show for ITV1.

Jonathan will present eight hour-long shows from September, each week interviewing three star guests alongside leading music acts.

The trailers were filmed at Hedingham Castle in Essex. They see him staying at the medieval pile but rubbing other guests up the wrong way with his constant chatter, so they tape his mouth to silence him.

Jonathan landed in hot water when he appeared on Russell Brand’s Radio 2 show in 2008 and they left smutty messages on the answering machine of actor Andrew Sachs during the show.

The scandal which erupted led to the departures of BBC executives including the station’s controller Lesley Douglas, and Russell resigned from his show.

Jonathan – who hosted a Friday night chat slot on BBC One and a Saturday morning show for Radio 2 – was suspended for three months for his part in the incident. He left the BBC the following year.