Jools Oliver has revealed she’d love to launch her own fashion collection.

The wife of celeb chef Jamie Oliver is full of praise for stars like Kate Moss and Lily Allen, who have unveiled their own collections, and admits she’d like to try it herself.

“I think it’s a really great idea because when I was about 19 or 20 and I didn’t have a lot of money I’d have done anything to own a bit of Kate Moss’s wardrobe,” she says.

“I haven’t actually seen Lily Allen’s so I can’t comment but, yeah, I think it’s great, why not, why not, I’d like to do one!”

However, the model might not be buying Kate and Lily’s togs herself, because it seems she doesn’t like everyone to be wearing the same things.

“It’s quite hard because if you go and buy them it’s kind of obvious that everyone’s got the same stuff,” she says. “There’s nothing quite unique about it.”

Jools – speaking at the LK Today High Street Fashion Awards at London’s Cafe de Paris – believes high street fashion has improved so much it offers good choices when it comes to glitzy showbiz events.

“I think the high street is definitely absolutely brilliant. You can definitely get an outfit for a red carpet do from the high street, I personally think. Whereas 10 years ago you could never do that.”