Reality TV star Katie Price has been axed from an Asda breast cancer awareness campaign, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that Price – aka glamour model Jordan – had appeared in photos modelling lingerie to mark the 12th anniversary of the store’s Tickled Pink campaign.

However she angered cancer victims on her ITV2 show What Katie Did Next, after complaining about scars on her breasts caused by implants.

Asda spokeswoman Leah Watson said they would still stock her underwear range, but it would not be using her for any publicity shots.

In a statement posted on a forum hosted by Breast Cancer Care Watson said, “Nobody was happy with what Katie said on the show, especially us. I know you feel like we don’t listen, but we do.

“We were extremely grateful for her contribution to both breast cancer charities – it’s a lot of money that clearly helps.

“The last thing we want to do is upset anyone and so in light of the conversations we have all had over the past couple of days we won’t be using Katie in any publicity shots.

“The lingerie range will still be in store so that there is still have the chance to raise money.”

Sharon Adams, who had campaigned for Price to be removed from the campaign, said it was “excellent news”.

“Now we would like Price to donate some of the huge profits she makes from her lingerie range in Asda to breast cancer awareness,” Adams added.