The Voice went live with the quarter-finals, where one contestant from each team would get a Fast Pass through to the semi-finals and the others would face the public vote.

But there was drama even before it aired, when it was announced that Chloe Castro from Team Ricky and Beth Morris from Team Paloma suddenly pulled out of the contest.

“Unfortunately, Beth and Chloe have had to withdraw from the competition,” is all that co-host Marvin Humes said as the show opened.

All that was soon forgotten, though, when the performances began.

Facing the public vote (from left): Jolan, Heather, Harry, Vangelis, Lydia and Lauren…

Harry and Lauren lost

The show was stolen by three acts: Jordan Gray, Cody Frost and former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm.

One of two acts left on Paloma Faith’s team, transgender Jordan sang Shake It Out.

“A lot of people get shy in public but you owned the stage,” will.i.am told her. “It was very dynamic.”

“It was a bit like watching Marc Bolan,” added Boy George. “I”m excited about what you’re going to do in the future.”

Jordan got a Fast Pass through to the semi-finals and Heather joined her after the public vote


“I think Jordan just showed the whole nation to be the star that she is. I’m Just so proud. That was incredible,” said Paloma.

And it was Jordan who won Paloma’s Fast Pass through to the semi-finals.

The other remaining member of Team Paloma – and the youngest contestant at 17 –  Heather Cameron-Hayes, was voted through to the semi-finals by the public after singing Stitches.

“I think you’re magic,” Will told her – and the public clearly agreed.

Kevin got the Fast Pass on Team Ricky after he sang Kissing You.

“He’s not just Kevin from Liberty X,” said Ricky Wilson. “He’s a dad and a great singer.”

Kevin won the Fast Pass through and Jolan won the public vote


“You have the most amazing voice out of the series I’ve done,” Will said. “But I don’t think that was the right song for you.”

Paloma agreed with Will. “I hope you pick a more powerhouse song next time,” she told Kevin.

“I always think you do a great job,” George told him.

Jolan from Team Ricky was voted through to the semis, so Ricky still has both his acts in the competition.

Jolan sang Yes – and got a “yes” from the voters.

On Team Will, it was Lyrickal who won the Fast Pass after singing Just Like A Child.

“That performance was true and from the heart,” Will told Lyrickal.

“It was so pure,” added Paloma.

Lyrickal won the Fast Pass on Team Will


“I didn’t miss your beat-boxing,” George told Lyrickal. “You’re a real singer and I’m so pleased you showed that.”

Lydia Lucy from Team Will got the public vote after singing Somebody Else’s Guy.

“She’s my powerhouse,” Will said. “She’s awesome.”

Will’s third team member, Lauren Lapsley-Browne, lost out to the public vote.

On Team George, the Fast Pass went to Cody Frost, who sang Ordinary World.

Cody’s “Cody-ness” helped her win the Fast Pass on Team George


“I like her energy,” George said. “Call it ‘Cody-ness. When she sings something beautiful happens. And I’m going to be a gentleman and give my Fast Pass to the lady on my team.”

“You know you’re excellent,” Ricky told Cody. “And you’re my favourite girl left in the competition.”

So, George had Vangelis and Harry Fisher left.

Vangelis won the public vote after singing Here Comes The Rain Again.

“You get better each week,” Paloma told him.

Harry sang Space Oddity.

“You were brave tonight and it paid off,” Ricky told him.

But the public didn’t agree.

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The Voice continues with the live semi-finals on BBC1, Saturday, April 2, 7.00pm, featuring on Team Paloma: Jordan and Heather; on Team Ricky: Kevin and Jolan; on Team George: Cody and Vangelis; on Team Will: Lydia and Lyrickal.