Julia Bradbury: ‘My Twisted new show!’

Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury gives us the lowdown on her new high-pressure quiz…

Tell us about your new show, Take on the Twisters…
“It’s a general knowledge quiz where contestants have to be very good under great pressure. As I ask the questions, they face a wall of eight giant ‘twisters’.”

The twisters sound intriguing – what are they?
“They’re like giant egg-timers. When contestants get a question right they can turn one of the twisters to keep it in play a little longer, rather than the time running out.”

What are the contestants aiming towards?
“To keep as many twisters in play. In the last round, one remaining contestant takes on all twisters. The money they’ve banked during the show is underneath one twister, but they don’t know which one, so they must keep as many in play as possible.”

Sounds fast and furious! Do contestants get tactical?
“It is! I’m exhausted by the end. Tactics are involved. Players can pass questions to each other, hoping they’ll get it wrong, so they have to get to know each other’s strengths.”

How would you do if you played the game?
“I’d crumble under the pressure. It demands a certain type of person to take part and I’m thrilled not to be playing. I love the power of being host though!”

What about the traditional Twister game?
“I’m very good at that because I’m bendy. It’s a good Christmas game and I’ve always ended up on my face.”

Is it good to be inside a television studio instead of outdoors on Countryfile?
“I love both my jobs, but it is brilliant to actually have my hair and make-up done and wear some lovely clothes.”

You entered the Great Comic Relief Bake Off earlier this year – are you still baking?
“Yes, and I’m now proficient at profiteroles filled with ice cream and chocolate sauce. They’re yummy!”

Take on the Twisters begins on Monday, July 22 at 5pm on ITV.

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