Julie Graham takes charge at Sun Hill

Julie Graham swaps Survivors for Sun Hill as The Bill‘s new lady in charge, Commander Lisa Kennedy…

Your high-ranking character looks set to shake-up Sun Hill, when she is sent in to investigate an allegation of assault involving Sergeant Stone?

“Yes, a member of the public accuses Stone of pushing him to the ground during a brawl. So my character arrives to oversee the investigation into Stone and make sure the correct procedures are being followed. But a lot of the team are suspicious of her at first and not terribly happy about her being there.”

Stone gets put on station duty during the enquiry. What happens when mobile phone footage of the incident is posted on the web?

“Lisa is not happy with the situation and briefs the team on being ‘media aware’ of the situation after the footage appears online. Even though she’s good at her job, I think her presence still makes people a bit nervous. But despite being a senior police officer, I think she’s still very much a team player, and ultimately does want to get on with people.”

You’re set to appear in The Bill for the next couple of months. Will you be back to play Abby in a third series of BBC1’s Survivors too?

“At the moment we’re waiting to see whether the BBC will re-commission Survivors. But I’d love to do another series. It’s great fun to make and there’s nothing quite like it on TV at the moment. So I really hope we get the chance.”

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