Julie Walters: ‘Anne wasn’t a victim’ (VIDEO)

Julie Walters plays terminally ill woman Dr Anne Turner in the BBC drama A Short Stay in Switzerland. Julie reveals Anne’s real-life fight to die with dignity in an exclusive VIDEO interview…

BAFTA-winning actress Julie Walters has played many different characters in her career, none more complex than Dr Anne Turner, a woman suffering from a degenerative illness, who heads to a Swiss clinic to end her life.

“She decided to take her own life by enrolling with Dignitas because she could see she would become helpless,” Julie says of Anne. “The story is about how she deals with that and how she deals with her family and how they deal with it, and her.”

Julie adds: “She’s an amazing woman, incredibly strong, fiercely intelligent, very pragmatic and someone who was never going to be a victim.”

Liz White, best known as WPc Annie Cartwright in Life on Mars, plays Anne’s eldest daughter, Sophie, who struggles to understand her mother’s plight.

“Sophie liked to be in charge of things,” Liz says of her character. “Dr Turner just needed her children to understand without explanation – and her children needed a lot of explanation.”

Anne’s youngest daughter, Jessica, is played by Rome’s Lyndsey Marshal, who admits that she found filming a drama based on true story very challenging.

Lyndsey says: “It was really tough to film because you’re playing a real person and you want to just get it right for them. You want to do their story justice.”

A Short Stay in Switzerland screens on Sunday, January 25, at 9pm on BBC1.

CLICK below to watch an interview with Julie, Liz and Lyndsey.

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