Kandy Rain: ‘Our style isn’t too sexy’ (VIDEO)

X Factor’s Kandy Rain have hit back at critics of their raunchy style – saying they’re just ‘four normal girls’.

Chemmane Applewhaite told whatsontv.co.uk: “It’s really funny how they say that our style’s raunchy.

“If you go out on a Saturday night in town, that’s what everyone’s wearing. We wouldn’t wear it in the day time just to go to Sainsbury’s!”

Azi Jegbefume added: “We just like to be Kandy Rain onstage and then Kandy Rain walking down the street. And we just want everyone out there just to see us as four normal girls.

“We’re doing what Spice Girls wanted to do – ‘Girl Power’. Just go out there and be yourselves.”

Watch the exclusive interview here:

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